Photography has filled and fills my life and I’d really like it to fill yours as well!
Art Photography is the way to communicate my feelings and my thoughts to others, an amazing emotion producer that speaks a simple language understandable in every idiom. The continuous search for something new, interesting and different has always been the basis of my work and my life because, as the great Armando Testa said:

“La curiosità è il primo scalino verso la creatività”

[“Curiosity is the first step to creativity”.]


It is the fusion of my curious and greedy nature with the desire to excite that gave rise to the Maurizio Vezzoli Fine Art Photography project.

A good photo produces a sense of well-being and well-being produces happiness.
Happiness, and therefore art, should be something everyone can enjoy. This is the intent of these pictures: to propose an affordable and prestigious solution to complete and enrich daily life in homes, offices and shops, become a unique and original gift and, why not, a great investment certain to grow in value over time.

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